The Dominican Republic
It is a place of warm tropical breezes. Of clear blue waters. Of sandy beaches and exotic island cuisine. It is an oasis of natural beauty where tropical jungles and renowned native hospitality combine to make this a vacation paradise 365 days a year.
When Christopher Columbus first saw the land that is now the Dominican Republic, he proclaimed it "One of the most beautiful islands I have ever seen." Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean archipelago between Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic occupies the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola, site of the Caribbean's highest mountain, Pico Duarte. The country features 1,288 km of mostly unspoiled coastline with some of the finest beaches in the Western Hemisphere, as well as excellent dining and shopping attractions. A land of verdant jungles, sparkling blue waters and historical architecture that dates back to the time of Columbus himself, the Dominican Republic is a delightful island paradise that's just waiting to be enjoyed.


Spectacular Puerto Plata
Situated north of the capital city of Santa Domingo on what is known as the Amber Coast, the city of Puerto Plata was founded in 1502 and is home to the San Filipe Fortress, believed to be the oldest fort in the Americas. The immediate area boasts numerous other historical and cultural attractions, excellent dining and shopping and miles of beautiful beaches.


Cofresi Beach - A world class vacation destination

The jewel on the Amber Coast is Cofresi Beach, a true world-class vacation spot. Named for the fabled caribbean pirate Roberto Cofresi, Cofresi Beach is often called "The Beach Lovers'  Beach" because of its waving palm trees, unspoiled expanses of golden sand, reefs teeming with colorful tropical fish and views of towering mountains. The beach is also the home of Ocean World, one of the world's largest and most spectacular aquatic parks, where visitors can get up close with dolphins, sea lions and other exotic sea life..

Those are just a few reasons why we chose this location for Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Resorts.


International Airport

The Puerto Plata international airport is just 40 minutes away by automobile, transfers are included when you book your vacation with JT Beach Villas.com.